Rhyanna Watson

Rhyanna Watson

Yoga Teacher

Yoga teacher, author, personal trainer, has both played water polo and swam for Tasmania, competed in track at the Pan-Pacific Games, has been a fitness director on cruise ships, and now offers a range of online wellness programmes.

Rhyanna has been teaching yoga for many moons and has used it to heal herself and others. She has come out the other side of personal traumas including sexual assault, post-natal depression and a suicide attempt both stronger and happier.

Rhyanna’s teaching helps many adults to not only begin their yoga fitness journey, but safely breaks it down in a way older and younger bodies can enjoy and find the full benefits of a movement practice. She focuses on muscle memory and intelligent movement patterning to help students understand movements for their body’s and avoid injuries to make it sustainable.

She loves engaging with her students and helping them find bravery to live in ways that they previously only dreamt of – fit, open, vibrant, contented, true to themselves and free.