Stephanie Ottomanelli

Steph Otto

Yoga Teacher

Stephanie Ottomanelli is a contortionist, movement coach, breathwork guide, and self love advocate. Steph has been on her journey of self expression and expansion for (really her whole life), but more intentionally within the past 6 years, studying, experiencing, and embodying avenues of growth including Yoga, Contortion, Chakra Studies and Activating Practices, Shamanism, Plant Healing, Astrology, Sensual Movement, Sound, and Breathwork.

Steph has been sharing and teaching movement since she was a teenager and has been connected to her body throughout her entire life, growing up very active and participating in a range of movement and expressive activities including dancing, running, and playing violin & piano.


By the time Steph turned 25, her physical journey blasted her off into a spiritual awakening of energetic awareness and what it means to truly love and live for ourSelves, from our Souls. She continues her journey of truth everyday and hopes to inspire others to live from theirs as well, without fear, but with trust and belief in love and in OneSelf, for the two are one.

She believes in the power of feeling it all. In allowing our emotions and underlying state of feeling (the subconscious)to  be expressed through the physical body (the conscious). Steph shares practices that allow her students to dive deeper into their physical bodies, and consequently dive deep within their emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies as well. Bringing consciousness to the subconscious. 

Steph shares practical, easy to follow, yet profound movement and embodiment practices that allow students to quiet the mind and listen to their body. To breathe into blocks, to breakthrough, and to create space. Here is where we find answers. Here is where we find clarity. Here is where we are safe to be ourselves. Here is where we are spacious and fluid. Here is where we are grounded and strong.Here is where we are love. Here is where we are free.