You get a rich immersion of Hindu culture and a lifestyle of philosophy known as Tri Hita Karana — translating to the “three causes of well-being” — the Balinese people believe in harmony with God, harmony with nature, and harmony with the community.

This Island of the Gods is filled with temples, rice fields, abundant nature, and plentiful offerings throughout the city that will leave you feeling a deeper connection to the land and people around you.

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Why you should visit…

  • One of our co-founders is currently grounded in Bali, and she knows it like the back of her hand
  • There’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site here
  • Very budget-friendly to tourists — you can get around on a scooter for as little as $2/day!
  • Tons of yoga retreats, YTT schools, temples, and those living a yogic lifestyle

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