We Are ADzenTURE!

We are a leading international retreat company backed by over 12 years of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry. We’ve organized and hosted over 50 retreats across five continents.

We are experts in curating transformational wellness travel experiences that cultivate joy, connection and healing.

“With love at the core of what we do, we believe in creating a diverse community with retreat experiences for everyone – regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, or physical ability.”

True to our name, we blend equal parts adventure and zen into each of our retreat experiences, and this continues to be our philosophy.

(ad-zen-ture). noun

An experience that perfectly blends both adventure and zen to cultivate joy, connection and community.

Why Travel With Us?

You’re in expert hands.

From the moment you book – We’re with you every step of the way!

Backed by over 12 years of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry and with over 50 retreats hosted spanning five continents, we are experts in curating wellness travel experiences.

You can trust us in delivering a wellness getaway like no other!

We cultivate community.

Our shared experiences allow you to make deep connections and memories as you explore the world with like-minded people, so if you’re worried about coming solo, don’t be! There’s no judgement here, only space for you to be authentically you.

We put you first.

As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup! Gift yourself a retreat to fill your cup with experiences to nourish your mind, body and soul. Find yourself in moments of pure joy and bliss while immersing in wellness practices, developing better habits and routines to take home with you.

ADzenTURE offers transformative wellness retreats designed to help you connect with yourself and others, explore new places and reset your mind, body and spirit.


Unique opportunities to connect more deeply with yourself, like minded individuals and the nature and culture of each destination.

These shared experiences allow us to understand that we live in an interconnected world and not as separate individuals.


Discover the world around you and new ways of being.

Our experiences are designed to immerse you into the local culture, indulge in traditional cuisine, and explore the natural beauty of each destination.


Take time for yourself to rest, recharge, find stillness, clarity, lasting peace and joy.

These pauses are necessary from the constant stresses and demands of life to live in an optimal state of balance and flow.

Our Team

We are the female founders behind Adzenture Retreats and we’re on a mission to bring people together to heal, connect, live in love and joy while traveling the world.

We curate transformational yoga and wellness retreat experiences around the world in destinations like Bali, Peru, Iceland, Costa Rica, Italy, Egypt, South Africa, Belize, Sedona, Colorado, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Mexico and more!

Our experiences are designed with a blend of adventure and zen (adzenture) to connect you with yourself, nature and other like minded people. We cultivate a safe space, without judgment to be authentically you, unfiltered and raw.

All we ask…

…is that you come with an open mind, as you are, whether this is the start of your wellness journey or you’re a seasoned practitioner, whether you’re celebrating life or grieving, whether you’re in need of a fresh start or a simple reset – make life an adzenture!

The only side effects you’ll feel: deep belly laughs, joy, inspiration, growth, happiness and love – if you allow it in. We’ll be there to guide and hold space for you every step of the way, but ultimately this experience is yours to co-create.

We hope to connect and make memories with you somewhere in this beautiful world!

With love,
Azma & Daniela

Azma Ousmand


Daniela Babura


Heather Lobb

Retreat Co-ordinator

Kayla Lachance

Retreat Co-ordinator

Tiffany Emmaureen

Retreat Co-ordinator

Dina Ousmand

Travel Experience Co-ordinator

Breana Martin

Retreat Co-ordinator