Tiffany Emmaureen

Tiffany Emmaureen

Retreat Co-ordinator

Tiffany is a Yoga Instructor and Social Justice Advocate. She brings the world of wellness and yoga into spaces where healing is needed.

Tiffany became a yoga instructor because she had always felt out of place in a yoga class, and wanted to make sure everyone felt at home during their own practice. Therefore, she dedicated her time to become a yoga instructor that would provide an inclusive and safe space for people of all walks of life to practice their healing.

Tiffany teaches at a studio and has her own yoga practice. Tiffany founded Yay Area Yoga, a Yoga community created to make yoga feel safe, inclusive, and fun; aiming to serve underrepresented communities in the yoga space. Tiffany teaches a series of Yoga classes at Corepower Yoga in the California Bay Area, including C1, C2, Yoga Sculpt, & Core Restore. When she’s not at the studio you can find her teaching yoga at breweries, wineries, schools, church’s, parks, and homes for private healing events. Tiffany has experience in leading guided meditations and co-facilitating ice immersion plunges.

When Tiffany isn’t practicing or teaching yoga, she investigates discrimination and sexual harassment cases in California. Further, she provides trainings to companies and governmental agencies on trauma informed practices and implicit bias/discrimination in the workforce. Tiffany spent five years of her life serving victims of crime as a victim advocate. During her victim service work she helped folks in crisis, and guided them to a pathway of healing and justice. Tiffany’s passion for social justice and wellness makes her yoga & healing more accessible to all walks of life. Tiffany has an incredible way of holding space for her students throughout their healing journey.