Breana Martin

Breana Martin

Retreat Co-ordinator

The beginning of her working career spent in luxury retail and visual merchandising, Bre has always had a love for curating experiences for people to have — stemming all the way back to childhood and constantly rearranging her bedroom furniture to “freshen the feeling of the space”.

This love for creating moments of experience has trickled its way into every avenue of work she’s ventured through — becoming a yoga teacher, a holistic health copywriter, and now serving our tribe as our social media coordinator and retreat facilitator.

One of the things that has drawn her to these avenues of healing/personal pursuit is the inner desire to share holistic remedies and ways of living with the masses. With all of her yoga teaching done so in a trauma-informed way, teaching in places like local jails and recovery centers, Bre is always continuing to be of service and hold space for others to have their own experiences.

Living in the small state of New Hampshire where she was born, you’ll find Bre running her own copywriting agency, exploring with a camera in hand, or on a walk with her pup.

Favorite Travel Moment: “I was in Egypt with ADzenTURE, and this was my first time leaving the United States. I went on this journey without knowing anyone else in the group, and we happened to be there during my birthday. On the evening of, we had nestled into the village where we were staying, and I thought we were heading out to dinner. To my surprise there was a long wooden table FILLED with delicious desserts, lights, flowers, candles, and so much intention behind every detail. Everyone in our group and everyone living on the property we were staying in all gathered around as they sang happy birthday to me. The level of connection I felt to these former strangers was surreal, and it’s a moment I’ll never forget.”