When you think of the oldest civilization on earth, does Ancient Egypt come to mind?

Well, it should! Travel back in time to explore some of the oldest temples and civilizations in the world.

Egypt is home to many popular tourist attractions both modern and ancient, and there’s something for everyone to experience in this Northern African country.

The locals welcome you with open arms, especially in the more rural parts of the country like Aswan. Choose from museum visits, temple excursions, four-wheeling in the Sahara Desert, snorkelling in the Mediterranean Sea, and so many other adventures, you’ll be sure to experience the trip of a lifetime in this ancient country.

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Why you should visit…

  • The great Pyramids are the last standing ancient wonder of the world

  • Egypt is home to 5 of the 10 oldest temples in the world

  • You’ll experience life along the longest river in the world

  • Experience a fusion of ancient life and the modern city bustle 

  • Very budget-friendly to tourists

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