Steph Zavala

Steph Zavala

Yoga Teacher

Steph has been working in the wellness and fitness industry for 13 years as a full-time yoga teacher, personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

Steph started her career in NYC (where she lived for 15 years) as a fashion designer who just practiced yoga and worked as a trainer “on-the-side”. What started as a hobby, soon developed into destiny when she saw just how much fitness and yoga impacted the lives of her clients. 

Steph’s approach to fitness has always been a corrective approach – with the understanding that the mind and body are extremely connected. Because of this thought process, Steph decided to get serious about her yoga practice and obtain her YTT 500 certification. From the moment she dedicated herself to the practice, she knew she found her calling and hopes to serve others by helping them discover own their path within the practice. 

Steph’s approach to asana practice is dynamic and exploratory. You can count on the sequencing to develop to a peak pose, and it is always inspired by a theme, chakra, lyrics to a song, a piece of literature, art, seasonal changes, current happenings, and the list goes on. After all, the practice of yoga can be applied everywhere!