Stephanie Rae

Stephanie Rae

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Sex Coach

Stephanie is a World Renowned Embodiment and Tantric Sex Coach, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner for Trauma Healing and Nervous System + Emotional Regulation Coach for Entrepreneurs, Coaches + Business Leaders

She has been in the somatic and embodiment industry since 2008 when she left her Investment Banking career to go study breathwork, meditation and Hatha Yoga in an Ashram.

Stephanie has studied in depth through a 3 year accredited school that the founder of Somatic Experiencing created by Peter Levine with a niche in attachment, relational and sexual trauma. She’s lived, breathed, practiced and studied trauma with literally hundreds of humans in an intensive way since 2008 including Chicago Rape Crisis Centers and in Domestic Violence Shelters.

Stephanie completed a 500 hour coaching course in Tantric Sex, Jade Egg and Sexual Empowerment/Healing, a two year long Biodynamic Breathwork Facilitation Course, studied with world class leaders in life and business coaching as well as Tantra and Embodiment Facilitation.

Stephanie facilitates International Tantra and Adventure Retreats around the world in locations such as Peru, Iceland, Egypt, Ireland and Bali. Additionally, she runs intimate, plant medicine groups and retreats in Chicago with a female, world class shaman that is unparalleled in support in the industry.