How to Create a Meditation Practice That Will Actually Stick

How to Create a Meditation Practice That Will Actually Stick

Introducing the perfect starter guide for everyone who wants to learn to meditate but doesn’t know where to start by Yoga For You Online Founder – Kelly Smith.

Common misconceptions:

MYTH: People think you can magically shut your brain off.
FACT: Instead of switching off – you are doing a single-pointed concentration which is taking all of your mental power and focusing it on one thing.

MYTH: You always have to sit, cross-legged.
FACT: You can do whatever feels comfortable for you. You can stand, sit in a chair or sit cross-legged.

MYTH: You have to meditate for a long time, every single day.
FACT: Everyone is different – you move at your own pace.

So now that that’s settled, let’s jump into how to establish that meditation routine for YOU.

Step One:
Decide if you WANT to do it. We all acknowledge how silly this sounds, but it’s so important. The first step to starting your routine is making the initial commitment to this practice.
Like everything, it won’t happen overnight – it may take you several weeks to master.

Step Two:

Find a meditation position that will fit your personal practice. Here are some options to try:

  • Sitting on a meditation cushion or pillow
  • Sitting on the floor
  • Sitting in a chair
  • Lying down

Whatever method you decide to go with ensure that your spine is long, you can breathe with ease and you’re comfortable but not so comfortable that you’re going to fall asleep.

Step Three:
Pick between your “first ten” or your “last ten”.
This decision essentially dictates which part of the day you’re going to dedicate to fulfilling your practice. Kelly recommends that you pick between meditating first thing in the morning or doing it right before you hit the hay.
We do this because there is so much that happens in a day and this commitment might fall through for other priorities. Scheduling your practice at the beginning or end of your day will ensure that you get it done either before you start any task or after you’ve finished everything up.
Choose what you can realistically work with the best 🙂

Step Four:
Decide what kind of meditation is best for you.
This is where it may get a bit tricky and you might have to outsource some resources like a meditation teacher or podcast. There are so many kinds of meditation that are out there (similar to different kinds of yoga) and you need to distinguish which one flows the best for you.
Kelly recommends to start with a guided meditation or pursuing a meditation where you focus on just your breath for 10 minutes. When doing this, place all your mental energy on your air flow, as you inhale and exhale and try to stay present with that.

Step Five:
Set a timer on your phone and meditate! Sit for 10 minutes, focus on your breath and that’s it!
According to Kelly, studies show us that anywhere from 8-12 mins of meditation everyday is enough to grasp the benefits.
And when you’re done, you are done my friend! You don’t have to think about it – you can just move on – there’s no need to evaluate your practice. There is no good and bad meditation.

Here’s a quick recap of all the steps:

  • Dedicate yourself to the practice
  • Find your comfortable position
  • Pick between first ten or last ten
  • Maybe do a little research and figure out what meditation style is best for you.
  • Set your timer


Kelly says you should give it about 8 weeks before you start to see any kind of physical benefits.

If you would like to dig deeper into this practice and experience Kelly’s daily meditation magic and yoga in person – join us when we journey to Ireland for the Illuminate Your Soul Retreat June 28, 2022!

If you’re looking for one of the best-guided meditation podcasts to follow – check out Mindful in Minutes.

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