Jina Seer

Jina Seer

Hypnosis & Past Life Regression Coach

Jina Seer facilitates hypnosis sessions where clients can experience past lives (or other astral travel) to gain insights and wisdom that help them feel better in their lives today.

Within the realms we can access in hypnotic trance, Jina helps her clients connect with and experience the eternal, unconditional, earthly, ancient love from their spirit guides, elemental friends, well ancestors or other enlightened beings who protect and guide us. Feeling this connection while in session with Jina has led her clients to feel more love + loved, peaceful, whole, worthy, and powerful in their lives after the session.

Jina hosts the podcast Past Lives & the Divine where she shares her experience in other lives and many of her generous clients share their stories as well.

Building community around these conversations is something Jina is passionate about. This passion helped her create Kinship, the annual membership of journeying with hypnosis and connecting with others. She is the founder of The Hypnotic Arts Training where she and her co-creator train other hypnotists to bring these gifts and journeys to even more people.

Learn more about Jina and get your own free Past Life Journey that you can take at home when you visit her website: PastLivesandtheDivine.com

Jina Seer has been helping people connect to their true nature since 2002. By using hypnosis, we can access more memories and insights into our lives to see what blocks our desired behaviors or hard-to-control negative emotions. The result is a broader awareness of our issues which ushers in feelings of relief and confidence along with the ability to change behaviors for good. If you’re on a path to improve your life, hypnosis can help us heal on a deeper level and make the entire journey here on Earth more enjoyable!