Grow stronger in community and connection

Grow stronger in community and connection

By Bethany Camp

“The only currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone when you’re uncool.” – Philip Seymour Hoffman

Have you ever done something you weren’t proud of, that embarrassed you or made you feel like you just want to hide away from the world? To layer on every item of clothing you have, bundle up and curl into a ball and hide under your covers in hopes that you can just sleep and never wake up?

We’ve all been there.

We all have made mistakes, made a fool out of ourselves and done things we wish we could take back. Sometimes we shove these things deep down inside in hopes that they will vanish and you will never have to reveal them to anyone.

As each day passes, the layers build up…the clothes keep piling on, the feeling of guilt and shame continues to eat away at us, because as a human being, it is our job to make mistakes. It is part of life’s journey, to continue to fall, over and over again. But when we continue to build the layers, soon enough you will start to feel heavier and heavier, until you can no longer move forward, until we are so built up with resentment towards ourselves that we are about to burst at the seams.

The beautiful thing about being human is that we get to make mistakes over and over, we get to mess up, fall flat on our faces and fail. That IS a part of the human experience, that IS what makes us all in the same, that IS what brings us together. It’s all about how we respond to our “failures.” Will we let them destroy us, or become curious about them? We can look at our past mistakes and use them as fuel to make us stronger versions of ourselves, to teach others the lessons we’ve learned, and to build community and connection with our fellow sisters and brothers—letting them know that they are NOT alone.

It takes courage to show up as your true authentic self; unfiltered, raw, real, messy and chaotic..and yes, sometimes we do things that are completely UNCOOL. But guess what? When we allow ourselves to layer off the articles of clothing that are weighing us down, when we show up and share with the world our shadows and our moments of weakness, we begin to unite as one.

When we let down our guard and share with others our “uncool-ness”, we begin to realize that others are going through the same things, the same struggles that life throws our way. We begin to realize we don’t have to sit in our pain all by ourself. By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with one another, it brings us closer and reminds us that we will always be accepted, loved and cared for.

In the face of hardship, we RISE by uniting together. We grow STRONGER in community and connection. We cultivate more happiness, love and joy when we lay down our armor. When we open our hearts to reveal our true selves, we realize we were never alone.

So forget endlessly trying to fit in with the cool kids and start to embrace your uncool.
At Adzenture Retreats we want to create a safe space for everyone. A space where we can all come together and support one another, where we can accept everyone as they are and celebrate all that we have endured, cheering each other on along the way.

If we continue to walk as a lone wolf, it will continue to be a lonely path. If we decide to join the pack, we can build each other up as one loving community and never have to be alone again.

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