Peru – June 13 – June 19, 2025


$2,899 USD

The Spirit of Yoga

Yoga Retreat in Peru with Jenny and Emily

Experience the enchantment of Peru during our 6-night, 7-day retreat led by the guidance of Jenny Clise and Emily Meersand. This extraordinary journey invites you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and rich culture of Peru. Your adventure begins with 6 nights of serenity at Samadhi Sacred Valley and an optional night of exploration in the lively city of Cusco if you want to extend your stay.

Throughout the week, you’ll enjoy daily yoga sessions and delectable meals while embarking on a series of captivating excursions. Explore the enigmatic Maras Salt Mines and the ancient Moray Incan Ruins, discover the vibrant indigenous Quechua communities at the Pisac Market, and experience the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu on a private full-day tour. Engage in a profound Native Despacho Ceremony led by an indigenous Andean shaman, relax with a group Sound Bath, and share stories around bonfires. This retreat allows you to connect with the natural beauty of the Sacred Valley, explore Incan sanctuaries, immerse in Quechua culture, and savor the renowned cuisine of Peru. Join us for an unforgettable journey that promises to rejuvenate your spirit and leave you with lasting memories.

Retreat Leaders

Jenny Clise

Retreat Host

Emily Meersand

Retreat Host

Azma Ousmand


Yoga and Workshops

What to expect in Jenny’s classes/workshops

Jenny believes in practicing what feels good in your body and recognizing that there isn’t one right way to do things that works for everyone. She strives to create an inclusive environment in her classes and with clients, so that everyone knows, YES yoga is for you too. In group classes she focuses heavily on foundation and alignment to safely prepare you for more challenging postures later on. Jenny will encourage you to turn inwards, draw intentionality into your practice and, with kind attention, recognize your strength both physically and mentally in each moment.

What to expect in Emily’s classes/workshops

Emily is passionate about sharing her love of a well-rounded and balanced yoga practice through her teachings of both powerful, sweaty vinyasa classes and grounding, soothing restorative and yin classes. Emily incorporates the healing properties and benefits of essential oils into her yoga classes as well. Seek more balance in your life, invigorate your mind, and soothe your soul in Emily’s classes!

Arm Balance and Inversion Workshop 

A perfect way to strengthen body and mind! We will break down arm balance and inversions to rebuild a stronger (and safer) practice. We will teach tips and tricks to work on these postures as well as functional drills to help prepare for them! This workshop is for all levels.

Rest & Release Workshop

Slow flow and restore with essential oils 

Yoga Nidra

Often referred to as ‘conscious sleep,’ Yoga Nidra is a restorative meditation practice renowned for its profound ability to rejuvenate both body and mind. It serves as an invaluable remedy for sleep deprivation, allowing practitioners to access brainwave patterns associated with the ‘rest and digest’ phase of nourishment.

During Yoga Nidra, attention is delicately directed to the breath and systematically guided through the body, effortlessly inducing a state of non-doing. This practice is commonly undertaken in a reclined position, where meditators may experience various states, including drifting into sleep, a gentle de-focus, or allowing attention to naturally ebb and flow.

Chakra Balancing Workshop

Unlock the powerful energy centers within you and experience profound alignment in our “Harmony Within: Chakra Balancing Workshop.” This immersive and transformative journey will guide you through the seven chakras, integrating ancient wisdom, healing seed sounds, yoga asanas, and breathwork to bring balance, vitality, and inner peace to your body, mind, and spirit.

Chakras, often described as the spinning wheels of energy within our bodies, play a vital role in our overall well-being. When these energy centers are in harmony, we feel a sense of vitality, emotional stability, and spiritual connectedness. In this workshop, you will explore and balance each of the seven chakras, starting from the root and ascending to the crown. Throughout the workshop, you will learn the symbolism and significance of each chakra, gain a deep understanding of their emotional and physical associations, and experience the profound effects of balancing these energy centers. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each step, ensuring you leave with a harmonized and balanced energy system, a deep sense of self-awareness, and the tools to continue your chakra balancing journey beyond the workshop.


Day 01 - Arrival + Ceremony

We’ll await your arrival at Cusco airport and take you on a beautiful 1.5 hour car journey to the Sacred Valley where you’ll meet your hosts Jenny, Emily and Azma. You’ll have a chance to settle into your home for the week before meeting for our opening ceremony.

During our welcome circle we’ll meditate and set intentions followed by a Despacho Ceremony led by a Shaman from the Indigenous Quechua tribe. Despacho rituals are designed to align, balance and harmonize the three levels of consciousness with a prayer bundle or offering of gratitude to Mother Earth and Mountain Spirits. The Despacho holds symbolic elements as well as the prayers of the participants. As the elements are added to the Despacho, the vibration of the participants and the room raises. The Despacho becomes a living prayer that brings energy shifts and healing.

We’ll end the evening by burning the despacho bundle over a bonfire under the stars followed by a nourishing dinner and a good night’s rest.

Day 02 - Pisac + Inversion Immersion

We’ll begin our first full day in the Sacred Valley with an energizing morning flow.

After a delicious breakfast, we’ll head to one of the most famous markets in the Cusco region. This local market is full of local artisans from the indigenous Quechua communities from the surrounding highlands. Here you’ll find all kinds of unique locally made products such as chullos and coats with alpaca wool, silver jewelry and ornaments, flutes, backpacks and many other accessories; all made by hand and decorated with bright colors. You’ll also have the opportunity to greet a local alpaca or two and sample some local delights. Lunch will be on your own at the market before we had back to the retreat centre.

In the late afternoon, we’ll gather for an optional walk around the Sacred Valley learning about the surrounding area, the inspiration behind the centre as well as the intention with which everything was created. We’ll also learn about all the fruits and vegetables grown in the property’s backyard (which we’ll be eating throughout our week). 

We’ll wrap up a fun filled first day with an Arm balance and Inversion Workshop with followed by dinner.

Day 03 - Explore one of the wonders of the world!

Today we cross off one of the most visited tourist destinations in Peru from our bucket lists! Early in the morning, we’ll depart for the famous Vistadome train, a 2 hour ride that traces the Urubamba River with dramatic mountain landscapes, approaching the ancient Aguas Calientes, or the base of Machu Picchu for a small breakfast before making our way to our highlight of the day.

We’ll spend the day exploring one of the world’s most prized heritage sites with a private guide, who will provide an informative overview of the history and architecture of this ancient citadel, while introducing us to the temples and ritual structures that prove that Machu Picchu is a sacred place of great spiritual significance.

We’ll return to the Sacred Valley just in time for dinner and a much needed night’s rest.

Day 04 - Rest and Release

Today is a great day to slow down and enjoy the crisp mountain air and your breathtaking surroundings.

We will start the day of with a morning flow followed by free time.

After lunch, we’ll take a trip to the Maras Salt Mines, comprised of over 2,000 small salt wells, the “Salineras de Maras” continue to provide a steady source of salt for residents of Peru’s Sacred Valley since before the days of the Incas. We’ll also visit Moray which is one of the most visually stunning ruins in Peru. The agricultural terraces of Moray are shaped like a womb, and bring together the key Incan beliefs of nature, science, and spirituality. 

Upon our return to the Sacred Valley, we will come together for our Rest and Release Workshop before dinner and group back together for Yoga Nidra led by Jenny before calling it a night.

Day 05 - Rainbow Mountain or Divine Laziness

Today you’ll have a choice in joining the group for an optional trip to Rainbow Mountain or stay back and enjoy some divine laziness at our retreat centre, visit the local spa or opt for a local hike with your new friends.

Rainbow Mountain is approx 4 hours away from our retreat centre so this will be a long (but worthwhile) day with a 3:00 AM departure and 8:00 PM arrival back in the Sacred Valley.  Vinicunca, also known as Winikunka or Rainbow Mountain, is a striking geological landmark because of its colorful stripes which are made up of layers of 14 different minerals. Additionally, the mountain sits at a rather high elevation more than 17,000 feet above sea level, so you’ll need to bring plenty of water and take your time on the ascent and descent. If you are feeling the burn a little too much, you may be able to pay a small fee to travel part of the way by horse with a guide.

Day 06 - Rejuvenation + Chakra Balancing

We’ll start the day with yoga followed by free time to meditate, read a book, take a cooking, pottery or painting class or book yourself in for a massage. Today is all about relaxation and rejuvenation.

After lunch we’ll come together to realign our Chakra with the Chakra Balancing Workshop followed by more free time.

Late afternoon we’ll be joined by a local practitioner who will facilitate a soothing sound healing bath. We’ll awake rejuvenated and ready to enjoy a final night of latin dancing with the staff at Samadhi and our new family followed by our last dinner and a closing bonfire.



Day 07 - See you later's!

Today we have our last morning class, a full body flow with Andreita & Vanessa followed by our last meal together. We’ll depart for Cusco airport and say “see you later” to our new friends, until we meet again!


$2,899 USD


$2,899 USD


Your stay in a chakra themed villa (3 separate beds) with private bathroom and mini balcony overlooking mountains.


$3,099 USD


Shared Villa with two beds, private ensuite bathroom, sitting area and balcony with views of the Sacred Mountains.​


$3,599 USD


Private Room with one Queen bed, private ensuite bathroom, sitting area and balcony with views of the Sacred Mountains



Retreat Inclusions

  • 6 nights at Samadhi Sacred Valley
  • Daily farm to table breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Yoga & Workshops with Jenny & Emily
  • Maras & Moray - Maras & Moray - A visit to the famous salt pools of Maras and the sacred archeological site Moray also known as the womb of Mother Earth
  • Machu Picchu Day Trip - Private full day tour for our group including bus pick-up from hotel, train & local bus tickets, local guide, and entry to this spectacular sacred Incan site ($450 USD value)
  • Pisac Market Group visit - Explore one of the most famous markets in the Cusco region, known for the indigenous Quechua communities from the surrounding highlands coming to sell their products
  • Native Despacho Ceremony - A ceremonial offering to Mother Earth & Mountain Spirits; a focused, formal way to "dispatch" your prayers off to the powers that be. Despachos help align personal energies with cosmic ones
  • Healing Sound Bath - Group sound healing led by a local shaman
  • Bonfires
  • Trekking - Explore Samahdi’s beautiful mountainous backyard
  • Roundtrip group airport transfer at pre-selected times

Retreat Exclusions

  • Airfare to Cusco, Peru - Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport (CUZ)
  • Travel Visa to Peru - US & Canadian passport holders do not require visa. Please check for entry/exit requirements based on the passport you hold
  • Travel Insurance (medical & trip cancellation) is mandatory to protect you in case of any unforeseen emergencies
  • Optional activities you'd like to partake in like painting, pottery, Peruvian vegan cooking class + more
  • Rainbow Mountain Tour - Private full day tour including bus pick-up/drop-off from hotel, breakfast and lunch - $150 USD per person
  • Optional Night in Cusco


$2,899 USD


Your stay in a chakra themed villa (3 separate beds) with private bathroom and mini balcony overlooking mountains.


$3,059 USD


Shared Villa with two beds, private ensuite bathroom, sitting area and balcony with views of the Sacred Mountains.​


$3,499 USD


Private Room with one Queen bed, private ensuite bathroom, sitting area and balcony with views of the Sacred Mountains



Retreat Location


In the middle of a majestic natural environment, surrounded by mountains and ancient culture, grows Samadhi, our retreat centre – which means a union with the divine. Designed with sacred geometry, Samadhi will submerge you in the universe of “los Chakras”, walking through the Kundalini and wrapping you in its spaces, colors, textures, flavors and art adapted for the energy central, to know and explore your essence. Samadhi is a fully-equipped retreat centre with areas dedicated to meditation and art, a multifunction room, a yoga deck with a dazzling view of the sacred valley, and an organic garden where you can learn about the qualities of plants that are native to the area, and around the Andes Mountains.

Booking Terms and Conditions

A $500 USD non-refundable initial deposit will secure your spot on the retreat or you may choose to pay in full.

The remaining balance will be split into instalment payments with the total amount due 60 days prior to the retreat start date.

Alternate payment plans are available, please email us at to set up a plan that is flexible for you.

Please note, our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Initial deposits are strictly non-refundable.
  • If cancelled between 120 to 60 days of the Retreat start date, 25% of the Retreat price paid is forfeited. Any remaining balance paid may be used as credit for future bookings up to one year of the cancellation date.
  • If cancelled 60 days or less prior to the Retreat start date, 100% of the Retreat price paid is forfeited.
  • If you choose to join the Retreat after the start date or leave the Retreat prior to the end date, there are no refunds.

Please do not book your flight until you have received a confirmation to do so. You will be provided with instructions on when to arrive/depart.

An information package will be sent 30 days prior to departure and will include the retreat schedule, recommended packing list, and trip details.

It is your responsibility to confirm your passport has 6 months validity prior to departure from your origin.

COVID-19 Information

Currently there are no requirements or restrictions. Subject to change as per government regulations.